Hello. I'm Bryan Ray, a visual effects artist at Muse VFX in Hollywood, California. The primary purpose of this site, at the moment, is to offer advice and guidance to artists interested in or just entering the field of visual effects compositing. I also offer some custom tools and insights into building your own extensions (macros, fuses and scripts) for Blackmagic Fusion. And on rare occasions, I post an article about my general philosophy, a life hack, or financial wellness.

If you should encounter me out in the wilds of the Internet, I may be using the alias Midgardsormr, although it's getting harder and harder to monopolize that identity thanks to Square Enix (I was there first, dangit!) I am one of the voices of the Geek at Arms podcast and the web administrator for the Christian Gamers Guild.

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  1. hey! i dont know if its the right place to ask, but i was wondering if you still support multimerge, feels like its behaving weirdly lately. might be just me tho =/

    youtube: wR7uEfqhAhs

    multimerge vs regular merge.

    1. It isn't DoD-aware, nor does it concatenate Transforms. Those things are on the planned improvements list, but I have no idea when or if I'll ever get around to making an update.

      In the meantime, you can get the behavior you expect if you crop your foreground layer(s) to the same dimensions as the background. It was designed to quickly merge CG passes, which will usually all be the same size, so I never put any thought into what might happen if you give it images with two different sizes.

      Two better places to ask questions about it, though, would be the development thread at We Suck Less:

      Or the MultiMerge page on this very blog:

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