Robot leg model

I've finished the base model for the robots' legs. Much of the detail will come from texture maps, so if I'm lucky I won't have to do any more sculpting on this part of the 'bot. Colin said he wants a heavy industry look to the overall piece, so I chose a segmented plating look, reminiscent of medieval plate armor, and made sure some big pistons were exposed.




Flying sentry drone

flying sentry drone
flying sentry drone

This is a robotic sentry drone that will be inserted into the shot I am working on for Advanced Compositing. I am going to try to texture it entirely with procedural textures within Maya, at least at first. I'm eventually going to have to apply some stenciled-on logos and such, but I'm going to hold off on that as long as I can.

Neon and Chrome

This model, entitled Neon and Chrome, was built by Christopher Dess and Matthew Thain. As with the lighthouse, I am doing the lighting and texturing. This one is a work in progress; I am fairly satisfied with the light, but it is going to be a while before the texturing is complete. Most of the light is emitted from the geometry and bounced around with Final Gather. The accent lights on the wall are spotlights, and there are two spotlights impersonating streetlamps off-screen. I am attempting to make as much physically correct light as I can without greatly increasing the render time. It currently renders in around 4 1/2 minutes at a resolution of 640 x 480. This image, of course, took much longer since it's full HD (1920 x 1080).


click for full size

I suspect that this image will wind up in my portfolio, so I am really going to take my time with it. Expect to see updates from time to time over the next year.

The Ruined Valley

My Visual Effects Field Production class is attempting to recreate several shots from the trailer of The Mutant Chronicles. (Great trailer, lousy movie.) This is a photographic composite intended to replace this shot:

5_1 ELS Cliff Moon Soldiers

And my version (Click to enlarge):


The night sky, some of the midground mountains, the refinery, and the rocky arch were provided by and are used in accordance with that site's license.
The bridges were provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Original photo entitled "Bixby Canyon Bridge" by Cpt Albert E Theberg, NOAA Corps (Ret) is in the public domain.
I photographed all the other elements myself along the Peak to Peak Scenic Highway between Blackhawk and Estes Park, CO.

Looks like YouTube nixed the trailer for a Terms of Use violation. Too violent, I guess, though it really wasn't even as bloody as an episode of CSI, in my opinion.

CATAN: Seafarers advertisement

In Digital Typography, our final project was to create a two-page spread, a poster, an ad, and a web banner. This is my ad, peddling an expansion for the board game Settlers of Catan. I took the image of the game and the body copy from the back of the box, but I reproduced all the other elements myself. I was particularly proud of this piece; it looks just like something that Mayfair Games themselves would publish.

CATAN: Seafarers

Two Page Spread

A two-page spread for my Digital Typography class. The photos and body copy are credited in the image, though I don't recall off the top of my head where they originally came from. The headline typeface is Belwe, a readable but idiosyncratic Celtic-style font.

Two Page Spread
Two page spread